Asteroid Apophis photographed before its Earth flyby this weekend


“At the imaging time, (99942) Apophis was at 17 million kilometres from the Earth.

“On 6 March 2021 it will be at its minimum distance from us, that is about 15 million kilometres, quite a lot, so there are no risk at all for us.”

You can watch the asteroid’s passing on March 6, courtesy of the Virtual Telescope Project, which will show a 24-hour live stream of Apophis’ safe passing.

The Virtual Telescope Project said: “By far the most famous potentially hazardous asteroid, (99942) Apophis will have a relatively close approach to Earth on March 6.

“While waiting for its record-setting 2029 fly-by, we will share this upcoming opportunity with you, so join us and see it live from the comfort of your home.”

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