Brunner employee goes 25 years without missing a minute of work


Ehle has had several close calls where he almost lost the streak, including when a power outage turned off his alarm clock and when he had to drive around flooded roads.

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“One time he drove to work with no tire, the last 10 miles he drove to work just on his rim,” said Paul Arbanas, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “I think I have a good work ethic, I’m willing to work hard, but I couldn’t do what you guys do.”

Although Ehle recognizes that luck has played some part in his streak, he also said that his perfect attendance is a result of hard work and taking pride in his job and company.

“I do try to do the best job I can (and) getting to work, staying the whole day and not leaving is probably the building block that starts it all,” Ehle said. “When my folks were still alive I’d tell them, ‘Well another year of perfect attendance,’ and they’d look at me, because I was the kid that couldn’t get out of bed and go to school, and say ‘Yeah, sure you did, that’s nice.’”

Although Ehle has the longest active streak among employees, several other Brunner employees have streaks starting. Thirteen employees have one year streaks, two employees have two-year streaks, and one employee has a four-year streak.

“People say you’re forcing them to work, but no, we have a sick day program, a cancer program, you can miss work, we’re not forcing you to do this stuff,” Brunner said. “We’re just saying if you’re lucky enough to make this, we’re going to reward the hell out of you.”

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