Elon Musk wants to create ‘Starbase’ in Texas by changing city name


Eccentric billionaire Mr Musk has revealed he wants to change the name of Boca Chica to Starbase. SpaceX already uses Boca Chica to launch its Starship prototypes, and when the rockets are ready to be sent across the solar system, Mr Musk hopes Boca Chica becomes Starbase. It will likely act as the central hub, connecting Earth to Mars.

Mr Musk wrote on Twitter: “Creating the city of Starbase, Texas. From thence to Mars, And hence the Stars.”

Boca Chica is an unincorporated community, meaning it is not governed by a local municipal corporation.

However, if Mr Musk wants to change the name, it will have to go through the official processes.

According to Cameron County Judge Eddy Trevino Jr, SpaceX has already approached officials about the name change.

In a short statement, Judge Trevino said: “If SpaceX and Elon Musk would like to pursue down this path, they must abide by all state incorporation statutes.

“Cameron County will process any appropriate petitions in conformity with applicable law.”

Starship is edging closer to being launched into space carrying crew following the latest test of a prototype, the SN10.

The SN10 predecessors, the SN8 and the SN9, both ended in disaster as they exploded as they touched the ground when landing.

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SpaceX chief Elon Musk made no mention of the cause of the explosion in his brief review of the mission on Twitter.

Mr Musk said: “Starship SN10 landed in one piece!”

However, he responded to a video of the explosion several hours later, simply adding: “RIP SN10, honourable discharge.”

There has been no official explanation as to why the SN10 exploded after the touchdown, but experts have a theory.

The rough landing may have caused a leak, which at some point may have ignited and led to the stunning explosion.

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