Quarantine of five bus drivers keeps an entire school district virtual


Virtual school has not been a disaster, but some students are doing better than others, he said.

“So virtual school is no different than in-person schooling: we are having different levels of success,” he said. “We’re having success with some kids we never would have guessed. We are having high needs and demand with another population.”

But, he noted, some students do better than others in person, too.

“Whatever we’re saying about in-person instruction, we’re saying with virtual instruction,” he said.

He stressed that he thinks in-person school is best and he’s committed to bringing students back as soon as possible.

South Glens Falls

If anyone in the household has coronavirus symptoms or is awaiting a test, everyone must stay home, South Glens Falls Central School officials decided last week. Letting other students attend when one seemed ill was a policy adopted by most schools in September, and many parents questioned the logic. Now, as cases increase, more schools have changed their policy to keep everyone home.

South Glens Falls also reported four cases, one of which involved school exposures. The cases were: a member of the South Glens Falls High School community (no exposure at school since school is virtual until Tuesday), one member of the Oliver W. Winch Middle School, one member of the Tanglewood Elementary School, and one member of the Ballard Elementary School community, who was last in the building Friday. Contact tracing has been completed.

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