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Watch now: Decatur nurse charged $1,700 on dead patient’s credit card, police say

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Siefman began investigating and discovered one of the transactions was for the payment of a $405 utility bill in Tallahassee, Florida. It had been paid with the dead man’s name on the receipt some eight days after the man’s death.

Siefman said a Facebook search of the name on the utility account showed it to be a woman who was identified as the nurse’s daughter. Other fraudulent charges rung-up on the credit card between the day after the man’s death and Dec. 2 included a $299 video game Siefman said was bought at a Walmart store for the nurse’s sometime boyfriend, along with charges for food, gas and even a dog collar.

Decatur woman who spent with stolen checks gets arrested, police report

The Decatur detective said he obtained surveillance footage from various businesses showing the nurse, sometimes dressed in scrubs, making the purchases. He also said a check of her work record showed she was the charge nurse for the unit where the card holder had been cared for and worked there the night he died and the following night.

“During a Miranda interview, (the nurse) admitted to finding the credit card under the bedside table where the victim was housed after he passed,” said Siefman in the affidavit. “(She) admitted to taking the credit card and making purchases using (his) credit card…”

And, in addition to the identify theft charge, the nurse was also booked on a preliminary charge of unlawful possession of a controlled drug. Siefman said a body search after her arrest turned up a single 325/7.25 milligram pill of hydrocodone bitartrate, a powerful pain medication for which the nurse had no prescription. She is quoted as telling Siefman that she used the drug to control pain resulting from a previous traffic accident.

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